Thursday, 9 July 2015

Claritystamp Christmas in July!

Hello everyone!  First I would like to thank you for all your kind words and messages following the Clarity show on Sunday.  I still have to keep pinching myself;  being asked to join the Clarity design team was a dream come true, and incredibly exciting.
I thought I would blog my Christmas tree first, as that's made such an impression.  I've had a couple of requests to ask how its done:  there's nothing difficult, but you will need plenty of time and patience.

The base is a polystyrene cone painted with green acrylic paint.
Then it was just a matter of stamping out loads, and I do mean LOADS, (at least 150, possibly nearer 200) of Christmas trees and fussy cutting them, shaping and sticking them one by one onto the base.
The star is from the Lucky set and is made using fusible fibre;  2 sandwiched together over a cocktail stick.  I turned the trees the other way round to make the very top of the tree, then some extra trimming and fiddling was needed to make sure the join couldn't be seen
And that's it! 
I'm sure you won't have been able to resist the fabulous Christmas wee folk, so I hope I've given you some inspiration for projects of your own.
I'll be back soon to blog another of my samples from the show.  Till next time.  Xxx


  1. WOW! That's a lot. Of trees! Fantastic job, and what an opening piece!
    Love it xxxx hugs xxx

  2. well you have the patience of a saint. it's official. lovely tree. and congrats on making dt xx

  3. Such a fabulous project Barbara, and such imagination! Love it xx