Thursday, 19 May 2016

Its all about the layers

Hello there!  Its been a while, so I thought I'd better pop in to blog one of my cards from the last Claritystamp show on Hochanda.  This one uses the fab oriental trellis stencil:  I just love it!
I started by cutting a piece of stencil card to 3"x 5" and pulling grunge paste through the stencil.  Once dry, I started on the real fun bit;  layering up the colours.  Just go with it, making sure to choose an opaque base colour;  I used Bougainvillea.
Paint the colour on quickly, then wipe some off with a baby wipe.  What's left in the crevices starts to highlight the design and texture of the stencil.  Its good to use at least some translucent colours so you can see through to the colours underneath. 
Don't be frightened to put in some really bright colours.  You can always 'knock back' the effect with the next layer if you don't like it.
You can see here how the brighter colours underneath still show through this darker translucent layer.
 A little bit of white will always help to emphasise the design of the stencil.
Going with the flow...  going dark again.
Once you've achieved the depth of colour you're looking for;  concentrate on highlighting the stencil design.
Dry brushing a tiny amount of gold acrylic will really bring it to life.  I stamped and gold embossed one of the word chains onto some parchment to finish.
And here's another card I made in the same way using a different stencil.
I hope you like them, and that you feel inspired to try this technique out for yourself:  its so easy, but very effective. 
Hopefully I'll be back in a few days with another of my samples.  Until then, happy crafting everyone.  Till next time  Xxx  

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