Sunday, 14 February 2016

Remember Paris...

Hello again.  I love Paris and have special memories of the time me and Martin spent there for our honeymoon.  We walked everywhere...  saw  lots of the sights.  Beautiful, beautiful city...  really want to go back sometime.  

I had a couple of rejects along the way before I finally achieved this effect.

First, I managed to get a stripey sky.  Bin:  1, Barbara: 0

Then I tried embossing some butterflies in the sky while the mask was in place.  Bin:  2, Barbara:  0  (And even worse, nearly ruined my mask in the process:  note to self, heat gun anywhere near a mask and it starts to shrivel and distort).

Tried with acrylic paint rather than ink.  Oh dear.  Bin:  3, Barbara:  0

At this point, I put my efforts on hold, and  did another couple of samples before coming back to this a few days later.

Put the skyline mask in place and used chipped sapphire distress ink for the sky, and a tiny bit of black soot around the rooftops.

Removed the mask, oh yes, better this time.

Stamped 'Remember' from the word chains in place with black archival.

Then I stamped the poppies in place and covered the actual flowers with a mask cut from a post-it.
Put the stencil (this a new design club one, but the trellis would work too) in place, and brush through with a red distress ink.  I used candied apple, but you could use barn door.  Aim to get more depth of colour in the bottom right hand corner and fade out and upwards.  I also blended in a little bit of bundled sage and black soot distress ink right in the corner.

All that was left to do now was to remove the masks, colour the poppies with spectrum noir pencils and go round the edges with a black sharpie pen. 
 Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you like it.  I'll be blogging another of my samples very soon.  Till next time.  Xxx